Prince Of Persia – Revelations

Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP ROM Free download for PPSSPP Emulator. The game is available to download and play for free in US English language. Since its debut in 2003, the Prince of Persia franchise has been a fan-favorite among gamers. So if you want to play this game on a big screen like a desktop then download the ROM file now. We have shared a direct download link of the game in a highly compressed format. So you don’t have to wait longer for downloading. We have also shared the method to play PSP games on PC. So if you don’t know how to play, read the method below. Just hit the download button and get the game.

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This iconic video game series has now returned with a new installment for the PSP system: Prince of Persia Revelations PSP. Players are eager to take part in an exciting adventure & experience the world of the Prince of Persia as never before. Prince of Persia Revelations takes place before the events of the previous game in the series, The Sands of Time. As they progress through this fantasy adventure, gamers will be granted access to powerful new weapons and tools, enabling them to traverse treacherous environments & battle formidable enemies. Get ready for an unforgettable journey as you explore mysterious lands & save the world from evil forces! By the time Prince of Persia Revelations begins, the world is already in turmoil.

Gameplay Mechanics

Prince of Persia Revelations PSP promises to provide players with an exciting and original experience that builds off the classic gameplay conventions established by previous iterations of this beloved franchise. The evil Yaldabaoth has already been resurrected, and a new wave of darkness is sweeping across the land. The Prince, now an experienced warrior and master of combat tactics, has been called to aid in the battle against Yaldabaoth. The game begins with a flashback to the time when the Prince was still young and his father ruled over Anwar. The story focuses on the Prince, who has grown weary of his life in Atlantis. He feels he is alone and that his father, King Sharaman, no longer needs him.

One day, the Vizier comes to the Prince and tells him of a woman he rescued from drowning. She is Princess Kidagakash, the daughter of King Kueen of Lemuria. The Prince meets with her, and they start to fall in love. But then a band of pirates attacks Atlantis and kidnaps the princess. The Prince must fight them and then travel to their secret hiding place. There he must save the princess and defeat the pirate leader. He travels to the moon in a rocket ship, which is where the bad guy has taken her. He is able to fight the pirates & rescue the princess, but he falls in love with her instead of bringing her back to her homeland.

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Screenshot of Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP Gameplay

prince of persia revelations psp gameplay screenshot

Download Prince Of Persia: Revelations ROM Highly Compressed For PSP Emulator

We have shared an ISO file of the Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP ROM in highly compressed form. So you can download it easily in less time. The Prince of Persia franchise has been a fan-favorite among gamers. This iconic video game series has now returned with a brand new title designed exclusively for the Sony PSP. To play the game, you just have to follow the below steps. Nothing else is required. No additional configuration or hardware requirements. Simply download and play.

ROM NamePrince Of Persia – Revelations
File Size1.2 GB
ConsolePlayStation Portable

How To Play Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP Game On PC

  1. Download the highly compressed Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP ROM File that contains the ISO of the game.
  2. Extract the ZIP file on the device where you want to play the game.
  3. Download the PPSSPP Emulator and install it on your device for free.
  4. Open the emulator and mount the iso file from inside the emulator.
  5. Adjust control and display settings according to your requirements.
  6. Now click on the start button to enjoy playing the game on your PC.
  7. No additional requirements are there. Just follow these steps and enjoy the Prince Of Persia Revelations PSP game on PC.

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